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    What makes a great website? The combination of business goals + a deep understanding of your customer + top-notch design + technology + digital marketing.

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    No secrets, no hidden agendas. You have full access to all your brand assets and owned accounts.
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    Curious to have a look and feel? Take a sneak peek into the pink palace hotel demo.

T-Hotel Digital Toolbox

Digital toolbox a serviced website

Not just another website

We don’t create just websites. We create websites adjusted to your business goals and to support your direct bookings growth.

We stay with you after the website launch, we work side by side on your digital marketing plan design and implementation.


What our digital toolbox includes for your website.

Exclusive Design

No templates to colour and change logo. Your brand, your personality, your needs.


From hosting your website (in the UE), configure DNS, to backups and of course the day to day support. Extensive online help and chat with a real person.

Digital Marketing

It’s not just a website, is a website with digital marketing services. We team with you to develop content, optimization for search, analyse your results and help you boost your online direct bookings.

Booking Engine

We are flexible to work with the booking engine you already have. Need help on selecting a new booking engine? We got your covered.

Content that sells

The perfect match between visuals and copy takes your potential customer one step closer to conversion.

Mobile First

In the era of mobile first your website is also design with this in mind. More than just responsive, it’s mobile first.

Measure your goals

Don’t collect reports. Connecting google analytics is the basis, now we will work together to have a model in place for you to analyse what it matters to your business (online and offline).

Content Edition

Easy to manage, change photos, text, add pages. No need to code. Front end changes with a drag and drop system.

T-Hotel Digital Toolbox

Search engine optimization

So much more than keywords.

Part content creation, part design, part geek stuff. SEO is so much more than keywords. All websites developed by us have SEO services included, being the Digital Toolbox or a standalone website. No need to have a Special Package or qualify to earn this service. We will be honored to work your own website and drive your overall digital presence to excel in SEO opportunities. Goes beyond your website.