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A massive effort?

Yes. The effort required to meet compliance regulations, such as GDPR, is enormous, but we believe it can work to your benefit.

Embrace our vision and deep knowledge of the majority of compliance frameworks and take advantage of our differentiated approach.


It is challenging and often cost-prohibitive to meet all the requirements of the several compliance frameworks (GDPR, PCI-DSS, etc.) This challenge is due to the amount of effort required during the process and the  existence of many requirements that don’t take into consideration the specifics of our industry


A considerable number of hospitality companies delegated the subject of compliance to finance or legal professionals. We consider that a major mistake taking into consideration the ubiquitous role of IT in the modern enterprise processes and the focus of many of the regulations in IT-specific matters.


It is bad risk management to envisage compliance as an administrative task, a check-list that is once filled and stored away.

Our vision is to identify the business value in the requirements and embedded them into the operational standards of the enterprise.