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Cybersecurity for hotels

Are you sure that your

PMS Guest Wifi POS

is safe?

Cybercrime, a clear and present danger

The danger is real and long gone are the times that hacker was synonymous of a smart kid in his basement.

The menace now comes from skilled and resourceful criminal organizations that are on the prowl for your credit cards, guest data and other valuable digital assets.

Why outsource?

Recruiting and retaining in-house cybersecurity talent is almost mission impossible due to the value of wages and high turnover of these highly valued professionals

We know the requirements of hotel operations and the many threats created by cybercriminals to attack specific hotel systems such as the POS or your guest network.

We are pionners

International experience in hotels of all sizes and categories

Our co-founder, Marco Correia, knows this better than the majority of IT professionals on the industry. He was a pioneer in moving organizations from the internal IT security to the managed business model.


An annual subscription that offers you total flexibility

Firewall management

Shield your network from malicious or unnecessary Internet traffic. VENZA MSP technicians monitor and manage firewalls with any configuration changes or troubleshooting being performed remotely.

Remote Monitoring & Management

The technology that runs the modern-day hotel is complicated, sophisticated. In addition, IT teams at most hotels are relatively small operations in comparison to other industries. Therefore, monitoring and managing the tech stack remotely  empowers you to swiftly act

Next Generation End Point protection

Stay ahead of evolving security risks with Next-Gen Endpoint Protection. This system of security tools continues to learn about threat vectors to combat them in real-time to avoid and/or reduce damage.

Web Protection

Receive notification regarding malicious websites and effectively block unauthorized users from your networks. Because many malware strains are delivered by a browser, web protection is an important part of a layered defense strategy.

Web protection keeps users safe and productive while using the web. 

Vulnerability Scanning

Be proactive. Scan for weaknesses in security before there is a breach. Having a system that can scan for credit card numbers and PII automatically then alerting for removal is great way to protect guest data and reputations

Cybersecurity for hotels

Email security

Ransomware and phishing attacks

Protect inbound and outbound email against spam, malware, ransomware, phishing, and other email-borne attacks. This is an essential layer of protection for business continuity. The difference between business as usual or extended downtime to fix infected systems, costing a hotel money and damage to its reputation.

The service includes: Advanced URL defence, Attachment detonation, Anti-spam, Phishing and Spear Phishing protection

Together, protecting you

We identify your cyber-security needs in order to keep you safe at the right cost.

Market leader in data security for the hospitality industry.

All services are performed from our 24/7 Security Operation Center (SOC) located in the USA.