• More Experience, More Knowledge, More Flexibility

    CIO as a service (CIOaaS)

    Bring to your team the experience and knowledge of a seasoned IT executive without incurring the costs of a full-time employee.
  • Strategic IT for you

    Better Call Marco

    Is the house on fire? An urgent doubt regarding your IT strategy? Needing some expert advice in an IT matter?
  • Know your systems like you...

    Know your doughnuts

    Apple Fritter, Sugar, Double chocolate… Like doughnuts, hotel systems have many flavours and twists which make their selection sometime a daunting task.

IT architecture

Our specialty is IT for the hospitality industry

We are adamant about specialities. Ours is hospitality technology, and we have deep experience in opening new hotels, major refurbishments or the adaption of an IT architecture to meet the operator brand standards. From London to Sydney, from the 400+ rooms in an urban environment to the small properties, lost in the wilderness, we have done it all, and we can help you.

Construction cost optimization is totally different from cheap IT and is the latter that you want to avoid. Count on us to achieve success.

Hospitality DNA

From revision of the initial blueprints to late stages of project control and requirements compliance we offer a full set of services that will accompany you as your project materializes and the day of receiving the first guest closes in.

A digital guest

Guests are digital savvy and require no less than ubiquitous and quality IT services at any point of their stays.

Is your hotel ready to meet your guest expectations?

Data is the new oil

The proper design and setup of the IT infrastructure are as vital in having adequate plumbing or air conditioning. Data is the new oil and it only can flow seamlessly if the underlying layers facilitate communication.