Know your doughnuts

    Apple Fritter, Sugar, Double chocolate… Like doughnuts, hotel systems have many flavours and twists which make their selection sometime a daunting task.

IT Hospitality systems

Data is the new oil

Select your technology wisely

To implement or not to implement a new CRM, standardize the PMS in all your hotels or acquire a BI platform are important business decisions.

Avoid the risk of bad RPF’s and software acquisition based on poor criteria. Choose wisely, choose with T-Hotel’s help.


Data based management

The right technology allows that low-value processes are  optimized or automated. Free your precious resources to the tasks that bring real value to your customers and contribute to business growth.

What we bring to your project

Try our method for software acquisitions. Let’s make decisions based on the real needs of your business.

Know your doughnuts

We use the analogy of the doughnuts because, many times, the vendor’s offerings seem quite similar with the differences being on the user interface design or some shiny functions whose purpose might not suit you.

Specialty areas

Marketing, Business Intelligence, Distribution, CRS, RMS, PMS, POS, infrastructure and guest technology.

Reduce complexity

The myriad of suppliers, complex integration requisites make the system selection’s process, a  time and money consuming exercise if executed by your internal resources


The different component of your IT ecosystem must be loosely coupled and highly interoperable. This will bring to your company the level of agility and flexibility required in a modern business environment.

Partner's network

An international team of seasoned professionals that works with us in the areas of distribution and revenue management

Our clients

Pineapples around the world

We have worked with hotels, serviced apartments, Portuguese and international hotel groups. Our projects reached all Portugal, several EU countries, Hong Kong and the USA.

If you want to know more about what we have done just ping us.