• CIO as a service (CIOaaS)

    More Experience, More Knowledge, More Flexibility

    CIO as a service (CIOaaS)

    Bring to your team the experience and knowledge of a seasoned IT executive without incurring the costs of a full-time employee.
  • Better Call Marco

    Strategic IT for you

    Better Call Marco

    Is the house on fire? An urgent doubt regarding your IT strategy? Needing some expert advice in an IT matter?
  • Know your doughnuts

    Know your systems like you...

    Know your doughnuts

    Apple Fritter, Sugar, Double chocolate… Like doughnuts, hotel systems have many flavours and twists which make their selection sometime a daunting task.

CIO as a service (CIOaaS)

Knowledge, Experience and flexibility

By requesting our CIOaaS, you empower yourself and your management team with the vision and the knowledge of a former IT leader in world-renowned hotel and travel groups that will bring to the table the wealth of knowledge that is missing.

How can we help

We act  as a part-time executive level, a C-suite or board advisor


Business and IT strategy alignment


We create your digital transformation plan


We optimize your IT spending


The CIOaaS service  has been used by some of our clients to ensure continuity when their CIO or IT VP departures, and there is no leadership in the IT department

Talent wanted

We often and happily collaborate on the recruitment process of a new IT executive during our tenure as interim CIO

Chief Information Office as a service

Doers not strategists

Surely your internal first line IT staff or outsourced partner do their best to keep your systems running

However, a strategic view of digital transformation and the core role of technology on the process is not their speciality.

If, due to your company sizing, you don’t have a senior executive that oversees IT now you can have one in part-time.